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How to Make a Tiny Twiddle
For fiddlers, twiddlers and anyone who needs a special friend. A Tiny Twiddle can be made in an evening
and loved forever.
• 4mm knitting needles
• Small amount of DK yarn
• Black yarn for eyes and nose
• Sewing needle
Head and Body:
• Cast on 12 stitches
• Knit 12 rows
• Knit 2 stitches, knit 2 stitches together, bring yarn forward, knit to last 5 stitches, knit 2 stitches
together, bring yarn forward and knit to end of row (making simple buttonholes)
• Knit 1 row (to finish buttonhole structures)
• Knit 12 rows- legs next!
• (Working on first 6 stitches only, slip remaining 6 stitches onto a stitch holder)
• Knit 6 rows
• Increase into every other stitch (9 stitches)
• Knit 5 rows
• To finish legs break yarn and sew through loops to make feet
• Repeat with remaining 6 stitches to make other leg
• Cast on 24 stitches
• Knit 6 rows
• Cast off
To make up:
• Sew arms along long seam using whip stitch and put to one side
• Sew legs up to body (as shown in bottom leg above – this one piece makes the head, body and legs)
• Sew body (seam is at back) up to buttonholes
• Thread arms through the buttonholes and sew ends together
• Secure arms in place by stitching an arm onto each buttonhole
• Lightly stuff body (a plump tummy looks fab!) – leave legs unstuffed
• Continue sewing up to top of head and stuff lightly
• Sew along top of head, making ears by sewing triangles in corners (see diagram below)
• Embroider eyes and nose/mouth using black yarn

Wheelchair/Bedside/Walker Tote
Copyright 2000 Wanda Moon.  Permission granted to post given to Bev Qualheim
Photos copyrighted and courtesy of Kelly McGee 2003

8 oz 4 ply worsted weight yarn
Size G hook
2 shank syle buttons

tote for walker(Main bag this is a U-shaped front back and bottom piece.)
ROW 1: Ch 36 sc in 2nd ch from hk and in ea st across, ch 1 turn
ROW 2-20: *Sc in ea st across*, ch 1 turn
ROW 21: sc in bk lp only in ea st across, ch 1 turn
ROW 22-28: sc in both lp in ea st across, ch 1 turn
ROW 29: Repeat row 21
ROW 30-51: Sc in both lps in ea st across. Fasten off.

SIDES (make 2)
ROW 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in ea sc across ch 1 turn.
ROW 2-19: sc in ea st across, ch 1 turn
ROW 20: sc in ea st across fasten off.
Whipstitch side pieces to main piece being sure to double st ends and corners to reinforce stitching. Turn inside out.

STRAPS (make 2)
ROW 1: Join yarn 1″ from corner on back piece. Ch 1 sc across back piece in next 6 st, ch 1 turn
ROW 2-30: sc in ea st across ch 1 turn
ROW 31: sc in ea st across ch 5 turn sl st in first st of row 28. (this
forms the button hole loop) Sew buttons on front side of bag.


Beravement Butterfly

4 Ply yarn – dark purple

G hook


  1. Ch 6, close with slip stitch (sl) in 1st chain to make ring (magic ring?)
  2. Chain 3, 2 dc in ring, *ch1 – 3 dc – ch1* 7 times in ring, sl to top of ch 3
  3. sl in next 2 dc, in ch 1 hole (ch 3 – 2 dc – ch 1 – 3 dc), *in next ch 1 hole (3 dc – ch 1 – 3 dc)* 7 times, sl to top of ch 3
  4. sc in sl hole, *in next ch 1 space (6 dc, sc in next space {after 3 dc}* 8 times, sl in sc
  5. Fold butterfly in half so that your yarn is at middle of bottom. sc both halves together with 1 sc.  Wrap yarn 4 or 5 times around middle and tie at top with sl knot tail.